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To reply to Rick. The failure concept is not either/or. If the swimmer has done e.g. 12 at the target time without a failure and then misses the target time on # 13, that is a failure. If after the required “skip if missed”, the swimmer fails again (i.e. 2 failures in a row), the set is over, done, stop!

If however in this same set, the swimmer fails at # 13, takes the required next repeat off and then makes the next one, the swimmer continues. If then the swimmer gets to #17 and misses again, that is failure # 2. So again the swimmer sits out the next repeat. If on the next send-off the swimmer makes the target time, they continue, but if they miss the target time that is two failures in a row and it is also (in this case) the third failure of the set, so the set is stopped.

Regarding the first 6 not counting as a failure, I believe Dr. Rushall suggests the first 5 not counting any failures.