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I don’t want to sound rude, but I don’t like the way you state “it works”. Such statements are exactly what Rushall fights, it’s not very scientific. You could perfectly well say “it works” about traditional training, since (almost) all high-level athletes use that to achieve their level.

Many factors contribute to the results you and your swimmers achieved. How old are they? Which level did they attain before the meet? How old where their previous personal bests?

If you take a group of young kids, medium level and have them swim events they haven’t been entered in for a while, chances are very high you get a high percentag of PR’s. Simply because they grew, became older and more mature, have better technique…

What really matters is whether the percentage of PR’s would have been lower with other training forms. I (and many people here) would like to see a scientific study on that.

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