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You were expecting what? Are they faster now than the first LC meet last season? What is the age range of the kids? I guess I could flip that and say the TT method didn’t work either being it’s 50/50.

You say “seemed out of shape” What are their split differences i.e 1st 50 to 2nd 50 in the 100s? In the 200s what was the drop off from 1st to 2nd,then 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th? Compared to last season. How do they compare to what you are having them hold in practice (converted)?

You can write sets of 30 x 100 or 10 x 200 the just need to be specific to some race. Can they hold back 1/2 200 pace on 100s and how many can they make or 500 pace on the 200s, or do they hold 1000/1500 pace and how many can they make? We use 75s and 150s, they carry better speed. Just a thought

You state that you “implemented this training a month ago” that’s 12 days of race pace work. If you figure 3 free and 3 stroke that’s 6 of each and you are doing 3 sets per workout. If you have been recording the numbers of repeats made at RP for each workout. My guess is the numbers done aren’t very high “Accumulation of Potential” like a savings account it’s just that it hasn’t earned much interest yet, “Utilization”.

You need data to truly evaluate and without it becomes very difficult for anyone to help. Sure you can get “Well I think” and “this is what…” but without data their idea may be not be any better than yours.

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