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Thanks for posting this separate. I missed it before. I will be re-reading several times – as I seem to need to do with all of the papers. Please forgive me if you feel I ask questions that are obvious or have been asked before. I have MS and have noticed some significant cognitive issues popping up. Because of this, I am second guessing myself all the time. I hesitate to make changes for fear of confusing and undermining my kids’ confidence in their training. We have been following the 3-5x yardage – usually going with 4x. I was already doing 30×100 to train for 1500, so I guess that was correct. We have been resting for 20 seconds after everything with the only exception being 30 seconds after our 100s. Please help me be correct. We want to give USRPT a full effort. For less than 50s, rest should only be 15 seconds? Sets should be 5-6x race distance up to and including 200s?