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Andrew Alatorre

@crmejean Thanks, that’s a lot of good information on your experience, & trust me when I say I am willing to swim my hardest for a good more couple of years, I’m 16 & have only been swimming for about a year sadly, so i haven’t “burned out” as most swimmers do within 3-5 years of swimming, and it’s not that my coach (she) has a problem with USRPT or I doubt even knows about it, but she’s just very different when it comes to coaching, she’s inefficient, isn’t very good at coaching ( I can do a better job), I assume believes in traditional training more than anything, and when I mean inefficient, It takes her about 30 minutes to take attendance & give some information, and since my team doesn’t have a pool at school we have to walk to a pool & usually she’s the one that’s 30 minutes late, so basically its her that’s sadly the problem with the team. I probably will miss training with my team, which is why i’m considering training for about 30min – 1 hour with them, which is what most of our team’s club swimmers do, so i don’t lose the whole team spirit kind of thing.

Sadly, my school doesn’t own a pool & rents one owned by our local park, so we only get about a hour to half an hour of practice per day around 4 times a week, usually during those sets we can get a good 4000M in a day, Now I would be doing my USRPT training in the morning (6am) and then my high school training after at (3pm). I don’t believe that’s a lot of meters for a practice I know some of the schools in my league do around 8000Y, so compared to us it isn’t much. Your statement is correct on my really wanting to reach my goals as I only have a couple more years till i’m an adult & this whole high school swimming is over, which is why i’m really wondering if it’s better to just do USRPT 100%, or if it really matters if i do a little extra on the side with traditional, I can fix the whole swimmer being tired problem by not trying my 100% during traditional training & give it about 75% or less.