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This is dictated by ‘evidence’. In USRPT training, if you cannot perform the set at the designated interval, this serves as the fail-safe of not performing when too fatigued and likely reinforcing bad mechanics in the name of making a time. Push to the point of failure and stop. We play it out where we have what we call “fail sets”, which means in our case that if you fail 3 times, the set ends for you. Example: 16 x 50’s on :50 and holding 200 pace (P200 with ~20 seconds of rest). We provide them with the time they need to hit and if they are more than .2 slow, that’s a failure. Goal is to make them all. A few do, many don’t.. Ultimately We build the number up to where many make it at that speed. Monthly/weekly meets serve to reset the goal. Mentally, it’s a switch.