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If I was in your shoes, I would have them swim them all (I guess–I don’t know your kids), but I would pick (with their help) 1 event per day to do really well in. I would then make sure we train the most for those 3 events–like if it’s the 100 freestyle, we would be doing a lot of 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, and 200 freestyle work to get ready.

At those ages, if they can maintain their technique for a distance race, they are going to do well.

*Note* Your biggest obstacles are not their conditioning. You need to prepare their race strategies and their techniques. That’s one of the huge points of USRPT. You are teaching them the whole practice. “You failed because you lifted your head up.” “Your stroke rate dropped off.” “You stopped kicking.” ETC

Also, 30x100s might be a bit much. I would scale it back to 20 and get another set in.

Hope this helps!

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