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Doc, you might want to reread your first and last sentences. Looks like one meet and change? I did miss the 6 weeks and I apologize. The biological maturity issue was not meant to insult your intelligence. It’s there and it’s uncontrolable. We just need to focus on the things we have some control over.
“I’m just wanting to ensure that I’m on the right track & as far as how much we’re doing, etc” What are you doing?
Using your data 6 weeks at 4 days and 3-4 sets. If I just say 3 sets per day as an example then that’s 72 sets of the 72 sets say you do 25s, 50s, and 75s that would be 24 sets of each distance.I just divided them equally.

Using 25s, you offer 20 x 25 each time, so at this point that would be in the neighborhood of 480 x 25s offered. what percent have they made? there is a number. With the 50s, say you offer 16 x 50 each time, that’s going to be roughly 384 x 50, again what percent have they made?

The numbers made is about “accumulating potential” low %s not much “in the old bank account” hard to spend “utilization of that potential” if you don’t have it. Without numbers I don’t know many guys that can help you. There are guys, albeit not many, that have quite a bit of data on this and are willing to help but coaches are going to have to provide more information than they are probably use to.

If a patient came into your office and all they said was “it hurts” and you spend the next twenty minutes playing 20 questions to final figure out what might be the problem and then set a course of action. Or you have the patient that comes in and says ” Doc, I have pain above and below my right eye, my ears are plugged off and on and when I go underwater hurts like !@#$” The course of action gets done alot quicker I’d suspect.

The more information/data you and other coaches can provide the better chance we have of helping each other.

Apologize for the long post.

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