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Just a couple of notes, oldschool. Mind you, small number of male, high school swimmers, so can’t read too much into it. Also, training scy but swimming lcm.

400/500: 75’s seem to match overall race times much more accurately than 50’s. I am going to try setting a goal time for first half of race with 50’s and second half of race with 75’s. It won’t be a huge difference in goal times, but I thought I would experiment a little in August and September. My swimmers feel the same way about training 50’s and 75’s for this event. They seem to be able to make their 50’s all day long, but it isn’t matching up with race times.

100/200 breast: Cannot get my boys to repeat their goal times, but we are continuing to drop time in races. Maybe because of the use of larger muscles, but I can only get 2-3 repeats at actual goal times before failure. Sometimes, nobody makes a goal time. For the 200, we have been training 50’s at a time about 4-6 seconds slower than actual goal. For the 100, about 1-2 seconds slower. I don’t see this happening with any other stroke, but it’s pretty universal with all my swimmers. For example, swimmers training <:36 for 50’s in 200 breast goes 2:16 in race. Now training <35.5 and will see if it translates.

Again, not much, and certainly not a large enough group to be conclusive, but I’ll take anything little bits of info/insight I can get.