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I do not know the scientific answer to your question, however I would think three weeks out of training is three weeks out of training regardless of training methods.

However, the reality is there is nothing you can do to change the three weeks, all you can do is prepare for the upcoming meets. So stop looking back. If he doesn’t do his best at the meets you have a pretty good reason to justify the results in order to conjure motivation for next season.

I would approach it like this…

You’ve worked really hard. Of course it’s not ideal that you have been out of the water, this just means we have to be more focused on technique. I would spend a bit more time getting technique back (or improving it) and then don’t ever mention the three weeks again. Move on and see what happens! Thirteen year-olds are pretty resilient.

I'm proud of what we've done, but I know 5, 10, 20 years from now I'll wonder what we'd done had we done it 'right'