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We went to another meet. We are sticking with USRPT, but we are concerned about endurance. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Our technique focus going into this meet was turns.

13 year old – 45% PB. He was out of the water for three weeks and in for one week before this meet. (Two weeks of camp and an additional week for injury. He cut off the tip of his thumb.) He dropped 8 in his 400 IM in three weeks.

11 year old – 54% PB. He missed one week of training, but had two weeks back in leading up to the meet. He dropped almost 19 in his 400 IM in three weeks. He also did his first 1500 under his goal.

11 year old – 18% PB. She didn’t miss any training. The drops she did have were not huge. Some of her gains were minuscule, but some were big. (8+ in 100 BK and 100 Fly.)

Their performance does not reflect what they have been doing in practice at all. All three of them have been training at 2-7% under PB times. I think we may have more of a mental/pressure issue when it comes time to perform in a meet. Our summer league championships are tomorrow and LSC LC championships are next weekend. We are hoping to get this resolved and see them perform well at the meets!