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Results from our LC Championships July 3rd-6th

18 swimmers, 51 swims with 30 LTB for 58.82 % improvement

When breaking down the improvement rate by attendance using 70% or higher. I get a totally different picture. Any swimmer above 70% attendance had an improvement rate of 86.95% to LTB.

When breaking down the improvement rates using “numbers made at pace” with 35% or higher. We had an improvement rate of 85.71%. It also happened to be roughly the same kids with the higher attendance, go figure, more opportunity to achieve MASTERY and accumulate potential. Each swimmer was between 38.95% and 47.23% (highest was 64.23% on “50s on 1:00”) on each of the protocol sets 25s, 50s, 75s and 100s. If below those percentages they struggled to maintain any kind of consistence with regard to splits and performance i.e. might have one good swim, one bad swim and some just downright terrible swims all from the same individual. All you had to do was look at attendance and “numbers made” and had the answer.

The kids with the best attendance and “numbers made” are also the kids that swam the most consistent all summer staying within 2% of LTB or swam LTB at the 3 other meets we attended.
Funny how that works!

We have one more meet with the top kids. Could get interesting based on race projections.

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