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Hi Rick (and everyone else),

You aren’t totally alone. I’m in PA as well. College coach. I am switching our training over to USRPT to a large degree this season. I’ve read every post on this forum and (nearly) all of the USRPT specific Swimming Science Bulletin papers. It’s compelling stuff. Mostly. The discussion, anecdotes and experience I’ve read on this forum have gone a long way to making my decision to switch to (mostly) USRPT easier.

I’m wary that so few college programs are represented here, but MSchuber was probably on the money with his point about avoiding stigma with recruits. To be perfectly honest this is why I’m not mentioning which college I coach. That’s some pretty weak sauce, I know, but it’s the practical move while things are so new.

Kudos to those of you who are deep into this already and to those who are braver than I am.