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Sorry to hear about the results. Happy to have another bit of info.

I’m assuming that for your first meet you did the “3 days out 25% reduction…” you described at the end of your post, correct? I see that you mentioned 87% of your races improved. Do you have any numbers on the % time drop?

You mentioned being back in the water right after the first champ meet pushing numbers. I know the need to get back after it for the next big meet, but was there a full day of recovery between the meet and practice? If not did you see any evidence of a meet-hangover in their practice that Monday (or even Tuesday)?

Thinking on that 3-day rest plan: since it’s so short what do you think about doing it a couple of times in-season (say, for a big dual-meet) to gain some experience with a much shorter “taper” and also to give the swimmers some confidence that it will work?