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You are correct in your thinking and she will let you know when it’s “too much” as her numbers will not progress and if you let her stop and go to some type of recovery/technical aspect of the 100 e.g. turns, breakouts, etc. You should be fine regardless of how many times per week you do them. If numbers start to decrease maybe switch from 3 sets per workout to 2 and see if she doesn’t “freshen up” The athlete will tell you when “enough is enough” if you’re paying attention.

Oh the 50! I have had the opportunity over the years to work with some of the fastest 50m/y swimmers in the US and Foreign athletes. Use your same guidelines/fundamentals. What’s important in the race? Reaction time, ability to overcome external resistance, technique, concentration and will power and muscle elasticity. For swimming it is start through turn and last 10 yards/meters. How to go fast in the first 30y/m, but not “all out” we call it “feathering”. I know it sounds funny that there is actually strategy in the 50.

Your “25s on 1:00” are great for the 100. However, they may be causing CNS disruption or “inhibition of protection” (Pavlov) which may explain her 50 times from week 2 to week 5. I would work “25s on 2:00”, as this has a more CNS component (this gets really tricky and you have to pay attention). The 12.5s are great; remember it’s about power generation and holding it for as long as you can.

I’ve used flag to finish with focus on last 10 yards (tempo trainer comes in handy here). Yes, no push-off. They will start from what we call a “balance-up” meaning they are already in the swimming layer at the flags. They go face down and when they hear the beep they swim like their feet are on fire and their!@# is catching. There is some research (limited) on this that helps with power generation.

Remember in all this the athlete will tell you what they can handle or not.

Just some thoughts

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