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Let the athlete be your guide. They will let you know again “when enough is enough” whether that be 50s, 25s or 12.5s. When they can no longer hold pace it’s time to quit. The biggest thing with the 50s and 25s is CNS depression. Pavlov states: “under such circumstances the cell protects itself from complete exhaustion. Thus, the cell will not react to external , or competition stimuli; consequently an expectation of outstanding performance towards the end of the competitive phase may be unrealistic”.

Regarding rest interval I be at least 1:3, that’s work to rest. When in doubt error on the side of rest. (personnal communication with Erine Maglischo, author of Swimming Faster)

Sure. Here’s 3, 26.39, 26.82 and 26.84 LCM and all in the top 75 in the world. All 3 were under 23.04 for SCY.

As far as “being nervous about 1000ish yards” If that’s what she can do at race pace then ok. Trying to force adaption is where a lot of coaches get in to trouble as they feel that volume is some how the answer. Spend the rest of the time working on techincal skills at race pace. If you want her to swim the 200, then keep up the 200 training.

When I started this journey I had no one! Well a couple of Russian that were willing to share and I worked over 3 years to gain their condifence (well before email and blogs/forums). It was been a heck of a journey.

Just keep track of your data and adjust off that as needed. You base your training off the best information/data you have and you put it into play.

The best to you and anything I can help with I will!

Remember: It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.


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