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How do you determine “overdue”?

Idea on question 1. We experience the same “significant emotional event” when we lower the rest interval. What I have done in the past is on a set of say 20 x 50fr “Let’s see if we can do the first (pick a number) on :45, the rules apply, so outs count and then they get back in on the next interval. It seems to give them a challenge yet a light at the end of the tunnel. Some will even surprise themselves and do all on the fastest interval.

On question 2. You have to be careful when changing two variables at the same time i.e. rest interval and pace/speed. This is what we call a “double whammy” and can have unintended consequences. I learned the hard way on that one.

I would recommend only changing one at a time or as 6102 stated “lower the maximum number offered” That’s our first option here. If you have been going 20 x 50 and you adjust pace/speed or you decide it’s rest interval then go down to 12 and see what happens. The athletes will tell you if worked or not.

just some thoughts

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