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I had very helpful findings with a 100 butterflyer this long course season. The core of our training consisted of nx25s on :30 (SCY) done typically twice a week as well as nx50s on 2:00 (LCM) also done once or twice for about 10 weeks over the long course season. We used the same pace times each set the whole season while increasing the volume per set. After doubling his 25s on :30 pace and converting it to LCM his pace was .08 faster than his actual split. His 50s on 2:00 pace was .08 slower than his actual race split. Added together it equated to EXACTLY what he swam in the race.

We were swimming the same pace times throughout the season while increasing the volume per set. Each meet, as the numbers increased, the speed lowered. These findings tell me that it requires a certain number per set before those numbers equate to actual racing success. My swimmer reached the point where he could make ~18-20x25s on :30 before failure and 6x50s on 2:00. It should also be noted that we also swim 50s on 2:00 SCY for the first 4 weeks in the season and this pace time converted to significantly faster than his 2nd 50 race time.

My question is, have you found any peak numbers that equate to success? How do you know when it’s time to swim faster?