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Your approach is more Parametric System 1st strategy NICE!

I have found something always gets lost in converting and can never get an exact match and I’ve tried just about every conversion table/formula out there. So .08 is really good! Just an FYI our correlations are “n x 25” doubled .996-.998 to front ½ 100 pace and “n x 50 on 2:00”, .997-.99939 to back ½ 100.

Thoughts on your questions:

On the “peak number” or we call “accumulation of potential” it appears to be in the 40% plus range of total number offered. That’s not to say that swimmers below that number are not going to swim fast it’s just that the reliability of performance can get a little inconsistent. I do have swimmers that may only achieve in the mid to high 20% and swim very fast each cycle. After 17 plus years of tracking this; I’m beginning to think it really doesn’t take much to create adaptation.

On “time to swim faster” I will use a couple of different indictors 1. Is performance “if you go faster, then you have to train faster”. It’s a double edge sword. The swimmers are all happy they went a best time and then they realize speeds are going to get faster at practice. 2. If they achieve max numbers two times in a row I’ll adjust speed and 3. Is how much time do I have until a peak performance meet?

If you use the 2nd strategy process of the Parametric System then you know that adjustment of speeds too late in the season/cycle may extend 2nd strategy and that has consciences with regards to lengthening that cycle and performance. That’s a whole other topic in itself.

Hope this helps

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