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I have just one other question. We did a little less than normal yesterday because we have True Team Sections today. She was holding 32.5s but only for a set of 10×50 which followed 4×100. We did two rounds of it. I know holding it for only 10 is a lot different but she has clearly been getting faster throughout the season on her pace 50s. Even the 33.1s was a huge improvement from last month holding 33.5s or a little higher. She also did her 200 pace 50s while holding 31.5s-31.6s. It’s usually hard for her to just break 32.

So my question is, even though her body has changed, would you say there is a chance of getting back down to the low 5:20s if she continues the training? I just don’t think the season has been long enough for her to fully adapt. I just want to at least be able to give her some realistic encouragement if she’s disappointed at sections.

Her training the last two years had main sets like 1×500 @7:30, 1×400 @6:00, 1×300 @4:30… etc. Or else sets like 10×150 50RB3/50pull/50RB5. Every workout i looked at from the last two years for them seemed to have almost all training that was not race specific. I really thought USRPT would work for her even though she’s gone through some changes.

As you said, it’s very frustrating.

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