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Don’t worry about the length. I love reading your responses. As long as you don’t mind giving them. It is so helpful for me.

I agree that she needs more speed. We’ll get to work on that. We have 4 weeks until our big meet. So I was thinking 2 more weeks to really go hard and then start cutting back more for this girl.

Overall I need to do a much better job of recording practice data. I don’t have averages. The main numbers I have are how many they completed and what time they were holding (supposed to hold) under. So I know she was holding under 33.2 for those 10×50 on the first round for sure (I was timing many of them). The 100’s are never as pretty. She holds under 1:08 but for that set it went 1:07.1, 1:07.4, 1:07.8, then may have hit a low 1:08. It’s hard with 40 swimmers to be holding accountable. I plan on having them do more recording next year.

I will go look for race splits. I know I have them.

Thanks for sharing those percentages. If she could drop 5 percent and get that 2:10.5 down to a 2:04 I would be more than satisfied. If our team can achieve between to 3-5% I’ll be extremely happy.

Do you have 100 free/stroke percentages?

Are those numbers going from a time with just a plain lycra team suit to a tech suit?

With the LZR I read on a Masters forum some theories that it does more for the non-elite swimmers than the elite ones. Something about the compression doing more for you if you have more to compress. It’s all speculation though.

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