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If you are talking about your “calibration” cycle then that would make sense about the volume question and you would need to be concerned about making too big of an increase in work.

Once you get to the actual RP sets and your using “exit conditions” (we call them “rules”) that is going to throw your volume on its head. You may offer 1st set 20 x 50 stroke at 200 pace on whatever interval you use and some make all 20 and some will make 2. 2nd set you offer 10 x 75 stroke at 200 pace and some make 4 and others come up with zero. If you look at the “workout data” sheet I posted you’ll see they are all over the place, with some just flat out having a rough day through all sets to others having a solid training day and then the very next day everything gets reversed and just wait and see your numbers at the end of the week. There are times I’m not sure I’m on foot or horseback and I’ve tracked data for over 17 years. I think you see the dilemma with trying to think in volume terms. If you figure it out let me know!

I think what may be a better approach is to look at numbers offered and numbers made and what percentage of made of the total through the cycle or season, which from your other posts you’re doing. Because you are basically starting from zero with regards to data in this type of system it does take a couple of cycles to then start the evaluation and adjustment processes. Something the good Dr. forgets to tell coaches. It’s not just read the bulletins and “plug and play”. Coaches are looking for help with real world questions and “crickets”. Sorry sore subject.

This Principle of Specificity thing is messy as hell.


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