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We didn’t do as well as I was hoping at the meet but we didn’t do horrible. I know some of them just didn’t swim as hard as they could have. Every girl who was competing for Section spots was able to drop time. The other girls probably just needed more motivation.

We were 26/38 for best times. So 68%. Most of the races that weren’t best times are easily explainable or just not surprising to me. Overall for the year we improved in everything except for 2 girls each having one event and two events that they didn’t drop time in this year.

We only had a 4 day taper (Monday-Thursday). I’m wondering if it wasn’t enough rest or if the girls just aren’t swimming their paces in practice. I haven’t been good with this group keeping track of their times. I know 3 of them were holding between 16-16.5 on 25s and they wound up going 1:05.4-1:05.8. So they were able to hit the times they were training for.

I’ll have much better data with my section girls.

I know I keep asking about rest but with Sections coming up in 2 weeks I’m starting to freak out a bit. I only get one shot at getting this right or I know I won’t be allowed to run USRPT next year. The head coach seems to be doubting it now. Most of my girls have been completing 2,000-3,300 yards at race pace per day. How much should they be swimming per day in the final week?

I have a girl holding her pace for 60+ 25s a day at her 100 free pace. She is working so hard. 1500 yards that fast on top of her 50 free training makes me wonder if she’ll need more rest than 4 days. When in doubt error on the side of rest, right? I just don’t want her to lose what she has built up.

Yesterday she completed 26 straight 25s and then missed by a 10th of a second. She said she could have done more so we did it again and she went 24 straight. We had to get out early for JV conference so we didn’t do any more after that. Am I making her do too much?

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