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Dr. Paul,
Correct the other 50% is skill and or recovery.

“Rules” apply 2 in a row out and 3 for the set. I’ll ask the same question “What do you do with the kid that’s out at 6 of a set of 20 x 50?” and you have 20-40 kids in the pool, parents watching and maybe asking why is so and so (might even be their kid) sitting on the deck while the others are still swimming? You kinda answered it in your post that you have them do it all.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not condemning it. True Dr. Rushall would tell you then you’re not doing USRPT and you would agree. But you are doing what is practical for your situation.

As soon as coaches started recording and looking over data. I knew this was going to get messy.

Have a hard time getting off the soap box 🙂


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