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Swimmer E – 15yrs old (with tech suit). 500 free(LTB of 5:31.?, went 5:40.4 and 5:42 this year) and 200 free(LTB of 2:08.22, went 2:09.7 and 2:11.2 this year). We wouldn’t allow anything over 32.7 for 500 pace 50s @:50. Meaning most of them were 32.5-32.7. She was very concerned about yardage going into the year (she was the only swimmer I had done this with when I tried it in spring in club. It was only 8 weeks and she came in after a break so it didn’t go well.) We just made it our goal to get 2,000-3,000 yards at her pace every M/W/F. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t hit at least 2,000 yards at 500 pace. Did 50s @1:00 holding 31.9 or faster for 200 pace on Tues/Thurs. These were all splits she didn’t move to until a month and a half into the season.

500 Splits
29.5? (missed the first split because I was running to talk to the counter)
31.6 or 31.8? (Didn’t remember to write it down. She was barely off what she had gone in prelims on all the splits and had only made the state cut by .2 in that race. I was running along the side of the pool screaming at her. The last 50 made up for it and she was a half second faster than in prelims)
Time of 5:28.54 (State cut of 5:29.27 was the gaol)

I’ve seen her swim 500s year round for 3 years and she has never had a race with splits anything near that consistent. Prelims they all ranged from 33.40 to 33.61 but it was still swam really well. I think I have a better idea of what our distance swimmers will need to train at to get their goal times now. In the future I plan on doing a lot more 100s and 75s with them as well.

200 Free splits – 29.46, 32.06, 32.70, 31.83 for 2:06.05. I felt like she could have been faster because she had been going 31.lows on her 200 sets the last 3 weeks of the year. Both prelims and finals had a slow 3rd 50.

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