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Crazy fast means faster than I expected for her. 🙂 We did sprint 25s @2:00 a few times a week with her but mostly focused on the 100 free and 100 back and she was training for a lot of other events early in the year. She got 26.40 leading off the relay which is .11 away from the MN club state time for her age group. She had never even gotten an A time before this year! She also busted out a 25.57 at finals when she was second on the relay.

I was intentionally leaving out our sprinter’s time because I was hoping to just post it after state. She went 25.19 which was a best time but we really wanted (and I thought was possible) her to be well into the 24s. She was leading narrowly and had the worst finish she’s ever had (sounds like an excuse but it had to cost her a bit). I said to the swimmers next to me “What did she do on that finish?” Everyone agreed was bad. The first thing she said when she got back was I don’t know what happened on the finish. The girl I thought she was beating went 24.95.

Which brings up a question. We have 4 days to practice until state. She missed going in the 100 so we don’t have to train for that anymore. Is there anything we can do in that amount of time to get a tenth or so cut off? I don’t want to tire her out but I was thinking 2 rounds of 12×12.5s and one round of 12×25 @2:00 from the blocks and then cut down each day. Too much or too little? We’re having a tough time figuring out the right balance between getting her tempo really going and catching as much water as possible.

If a girl can go 11.9 in practice without a tech suit from the blocks, what would you expect for a 50? I know it depends a lot on the swimmer and the turn but do you have a general idea? I know when I was swimming I was always faster to my feet in a meet than I was to a hand touch 25 in practice. Not sure if girls would be different though. Even just out in 11.8 and back in 12.8 would be amazing.

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