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You mentioned she had problems at the finish. If you take snapshots of tempo did her tempo slow down? If you don’t then and this is kinda a “touchy feelly” type of thing, but was your observation that her tempo slowed down or did she get “spinny” loss of distance per stroke (d/S)? If you think either one of those things happened then maybe the focus should be on the back ½ and maintenance for the front ½. So, the 12.5s I would probably do and change the 25s from a dive to push 25s on 1:00 or even 1:30 from a push focusing on not letting tempo drop or losing d/S the last 12.5. It’s more a focus on back to front then front to back. With only 4 days training adaption is minimal at best and will be more brain massage and awareness then anything. She knows she can go fast and she just needs to clean up that last 12.5 and you can use that during practice as reinforcement.

Why I asked for the 50 times was there are calculations that can be done to determine speed reserve and I just wanted to see how she compared with my kids. I will tell you this she is in good shape!

My SWAG on her is 24.79 to 24.87; remember SWAG is a Scientific Wild Ass Guess. But that is better than a WAG!

I hope this helps!

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