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There was a typing error on the 100 flyer splits. It was 29.2 and 33.2.

During the season her tempo definitely slowed at the end of her 50. I didn’t notice anything like that yesterday though. It was more of just taking an extra stroke at the end when she was 2 inches from the wall with her other hand.

We started doing 25s @1:00 trying o hold under 13. It got tough after 3. She was holding 13.0 when we moved to 1:30 with a random 12.6 and 12.7 in there. It might have been a slight stopwatch error by me but I thought it don’t think so. Not sure what would cause to of them to be so much better.

Not sure how good 13.0 is when she goes 13.5 doing 100 pace @1:00.

I know in prelims I had her timed at 12.15 to her feet (25.45 was her time). So coming back in 13.0 would be okay I guess. I didn’t get the 25 split at finals but she looked a lot faster.

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