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Gary P

I don’t care if you think “if” is hypothetical. His best time in 2013-14 was 19.76. he’d better be able to go 10.00 for 25s.

He is also not doing them with 10 seconds rest.

You seem to be arguing both sides of the question. If Andrew’s not doing 12-16 25s at 10.00 on 10 seconds rest, then the fact that he’s not swimming 41 in the 100 does NOT disprove the race predictive correlation of 4 X 25m training target time plus one second.

Because of the block start, going out under 10 in the front half of a 50 race is not the same as doing a it from a wall push off, and it’s not close to doing it from the wall repeatedly in a set on short rest. The elite athlete racing a short course 50 is usually .4-.5 seconds slower on the second half than the first half. Unless there was something way out of the ordinary, Andrew probably did just over a ten flat on the back half of that 19.76. Assuming you attribute that all to the structural differences in the two lengths (block start and flip turn vs. wall push off and hand touch) and not fatigue, the back half of a 50 pretty much represents the absolute fastest you can do a 25 from a wall push off with a hand touch. If he couldn’t do a ten flat on the back half of a 50 on a personal best race, I refuse to believe the hypothetical training example presented (12-16 25’s at 10-flat from a wall push off on 10 seconds rest) is supposed to be representative of his actual training regimen for the 100.