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good stuff billratio,

This too is my first year & while I love it….I have a lot to learn. I struggle with pacing versus conditioning. For example I have 14yo girl (my daughter) with a 1:01 100fly. If I were to put her on the 1:00 for her 100, she would probably make 13.0-13.5 (she’s made 12.5-12.8 before)from the push but she doesn’t come close to that pace “during” the actual race. We’ve been training usrpt for 5 months & she hasn’t swam her pb yet which is frustrating…..some of it is mental with her at this point too :). Might try it though, 12 x 25 on the 1:00 & see how it goes. Would boost her confidence for sure 🙂

Every kid is different & we’re still trying to figure it out with her