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Two works. There may be 4 or 5 other coaches that read this that have 2-3 IMers and now we have 10-12 kids with data. They just have to post it!

So a couple of SWAGs here; ba/fr probably on 1:00ish GOs? If I remember right you opened the interval for the br/flyers 25s to :40ish, so did you do your 50s br on 1:10-1:20?

25s don’t seem to correlate well with anything but fly. Every other stroke seems to be 50s. Not real sure why. Tried really tight rest intervals and long rest intervals and neither seem to work with regards to race splits.

25s fly see the same thing out in 100 fl 26.10 and 2IM 25.76 with training pace at 13.40, but if I minus the group avg for Stdev .35 puts him almost dead on. The girl was 100 fl 26.56 and 2IM 27.37 with training pace at 13.99, again minus Stdev and she’s 27.63, so it gets you close. Better to have some idea, then no idea at all 


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