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With our 10hr weeks we were doing 2-3 sets per day and lots of turns/starts/underwater work. It was really easy to get our training in when we only had 2-4 events to really focus on in that last month. I tried to pack as much race pace work as possible into those sets though. Multiple rounds etc. I think they got a bit tired but if they are resting when they miss they should be okay. They all claimed to be really tired and a lot of them didn’t get good times until we did the full rest for sections.

Thanks for that info. I think as we get more experienced we will be able to make it work. Right now we are barely fitting 3 sets into a 1.5 hr practice. This is a completely different group than my high school girls so they are still learning how to do it and I’m still trying to get them to buy in. It seems to leave very little time for skill work though. I’m working on adding a 5th practice which should help a lot.

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