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The 200 pace training has been a big problem for me as well. I think it’s a combination of adding turns (using 50y sets) and the rep time that exceeds the ATP-CP storage.

For sets of 50’s, I started at :31 target @ 55 interval but as soon as I was at 16 reps without a miss I tried lowering the target to :30 @ 55 but I had a hard time holding the target and at the same time didn’t activate my aerobic system. It was very much a problem of finding the pace/turnover/stroke length etc.

I instead went to :31 @ 50 and within a few exposures was at 9 first miss and abandoned at 16. With this set I was breathing forcefully.

I find that 22 seconds of rest is the absolute maximum you should program. This includes the 1-2 seconds to setup/pushoff and I check my wristwatch underwater after the touch as well.

Yesterday I varied up the 200 pace training with 25s, :15 @ 25. My goal was 28 reps and I ran to 36 without a miss. So what does that mean? Not sure. Next exposure I’ll go 50s, :31 @ 50 and see if I can lock in a :29 pace. Maybe next week I’ll try 25s, :14 @ 25 and see what happens.

I also find that “warming-up” with high speed turns before 50 sets gets me tuned up for the UW and breach that I’m adding in the next set. Remember, you have 3 variables (reps, target time, interval) to mess around with and If changing one doesn’t work go back to previous exposures and change a different variable.