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I think she could have gone faster if she paced it a little better. My two 200 girls with similar times to your girl had these splits at sections.

29.3, 32.1, 32.3, 32.1 for 2:05.9

29.4, 32.0, 32.7, 31.8 for 2:06.0

The first girl was 2:07.5 in prelims because she went a hard 28.5 on the first 50 and couldn’t hold on at the end. They were both swimming a goal time of 31.7 and 31.9 i think (i’d have to look back at the data) by the end of the year.

When you add in the turn they were close to what I was expecting. I believe in the 1-1.2 second add per turn that old school talks about. I have theory that a good tech suit can account for a bit of the turn time though.

I was happy with them if they could make it up to 12 straight 50s without stopping. The first girl did make 18 without a miss one time during the year. Sometimes we would do 2 rounds of a 200 set with a mini recovery in between. I think whatever you can do to get more yards at race pace is good. I know they are supposed to only go until 3 failures but sometimes my girls swam even better on the second round than the first round.

I’m just letting you know what we did and what our results were. It’s only a sample of a few 200 swimmers so do with it what you will. I guess you could argue that all the 500 training they did helped them aerobically. I only had one 200 swimmer who didn’t swim the 500 so I can’t say if there was a difference.

I also should add that they were 2:10.5 and 2:09.7 respectively going into sections. So the rest and tech suits seemed to be necessary for them to hit their pace.

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