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Oldschool, I’m surprised to hear that you are deciding what is and isn’t a make by such small margins (0.05). The aim of a USRPT set is to challenge the swimmer’s body to generate the forces to achieve race pace for as long as possible. I think Rushall talks about as many strokes as possible. If a swimmer’s time drops by only 0.05 or even 0.25 or more this could be down to any number of factors such as start time, turns, turbulence from other swimmers, timing of the finish etc. Plus the difference in forces required for two swims which are only 0.05 (or, say, 0.25) are minimal. So I think to count such a swim as a failure and allow the swimmer to miss a repeat is detrimental to the overall aim of the set. Surely it’s better to keep going until a clearer failure occurs. What a reasonable failure margin is, is open to debate but personally I know when I’ve reached the limit; there’s a definite cliff edge where my performance drops significantly.