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Gary P

I’m curious to know how do your swimmers self-time to such a high degree of precision. Are you using a touch-pad, an underwater display, or some other sort of technology? As someone who’s self-coaching with instruments only capable of displaying/alerting on the whole second, the finest unit I’ve presumed to be able to estimate a swim to is 1/4 of second and I’m honestly not even particularly confident in the accuracy of my estimations at that precision. In reality, I’m probably only accurate to a precision of 1/2 second.

As the “curve of improvement” is flattening for me, I find the lack of reliable precision beyond 1/4-1/2 second a potential hurdle to accurate tracking. I’m looking for affordable, technological solutions which could help.

I also happen to do Time-Speed-Distance Road Rallies and have a portable, battery-powered digital clock that’s precise to 1/10th second (or 1/1000th of a minute) and also has an input for an external “momentary switch” for splits. I’ve pondered some ideas to make a “personal touch pad” for the clock, but am concerned that the clock wouldn’t hold up to the water and humidity of the pool-side environment.