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Have you tried a tempo trainer? Off the top of my head I don’t know how precise they are but I think a 10th of a second. You could set it to beep every 15 seconds and then rest 15 seconds so you’d leave on the beep and try to finish on the beep. Or you could do it where you rest 30 seconds. I think a lot of people use them for race pace training.

For my swimmers I’ve tried to call out times for them often enough that they start to figure out the timing on their own. I had one girl where I timed 100s of 25s for her while she tried to hold 13.75. As the season went on she got a lot better at self timing. As I timed a few throughout the set she’d be able to tell partially by feel and partially by looking at the clock even if she was only .2 off her time. Sometimes she’d look up and see me and she’d say “That was slow” and sure enough she was 13.9 or whatever it was. I think without a coach there to check against though, self timing is going to be tough.

Edit: I should add that I never let them do a set completely on their own without me at least timing them every few to make sure they are actually on pace.

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