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Here is my attached training cycle for week 1 of a 4 week cycle.

Pri = primary emphasis for first set or “improvement set” looking to increase numbers over last time offered.
Sec = secondary emphasis maybe be just maintenance “just make numbers from last time offered.

200 = primary stroke distance
100 = secondary stroke

Short = is distance of repeat, could be 25s or 50s
Long = again distance of repeat, could be 50s, 75s or we also use 100s

With regards to short – long. Usually my first two sets pertain to the primary stroke. So first set is short repeats 25s or 50s and the second set for primary would be 50s, 75s or even 100s.

A Monday would look like this:

Pri: is free, 200 distance and short repeats. So first set might be n x 50s on 1:30/2:00 or n x 25 on :30/:40 but looking for improvement in numbers over last time. My second set could be n x 100s, not really looking for an improvement in numbers but at least maintain over last time offered. Third set is secondary stroke with 100 emphasis and short, so it might be n x 25s on :40/1:00.

With limited amount of time you can drop the third set or offer a limited number of say 25s. Look at the group average made and pick a number maybe its 12 so 12 x 25 and that’s enough to make a shift.

I attached a workout with an all free emphasis that we did Monday and results.


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