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Gary P

I’d counter that traditional training intensity is typically still pretty high, if not quite USRPT high. The question is: “What’s more likely to cause a repetitive motion injury: an 8,000 yard workout, 4-5,000 of which are at 90% of race pace effort, or a 4,000 yard workout, 2,000-2,500 of which are at 100% of race pace?” I’m inclined to believe the former.

I’m quite willing to change my mind if presented with data that shows USPRT trained athletes are experiencing training injuries at the same rate as traditionally trained athletes. As an unattached, self-coached Master, I’m experiencing USPRT in a one-man bubble (outside of the info I get on this forum). Have you had actual experience with a statistically significant number of USRPT swimmers that goes against Rushall’s assertion?