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My question is: what is the rate of shoulder injuries per 20, 30 or whatever number of swimmers using traditional training?

Right now I have an “n” of 25 and probably a total “n” over the last 18 years of over 120+ swimming at race pace speed all practice and with no recovery days and we have had few to no major shoulder problems. (Major meaning kids missing more than 3 days of swimming).

Master swimmers come from a completely different perspective on pain/discomfort than a teenager. Master swimmers’ know pain and when things start to hurt. They STOP!

I think the majority of swimmers are afraid for whatever reason to say anything about shoulder pain or really any other problem because they know the response is “well kick this set” or “swim warm-up and we’ll see” and they just end up swimming workout.

Once they know the coach will try to diagnose the problem they will readily speak up about a problem because they know that something will be done and they know that the sooner they say something the quicker they get back to swimming fast. i.e. coach will take the time and try and see if mechanics is off, maybe even film underwater to try and figure out problem. TRUST!

It doesn’t matter whether traditional or USRPT.


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