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Hi all,

Thanks for the responses so far. I greatly appreciate that.

To me it looks like your swimmer swam exactly what she trained for.

According to my spreadsheet 4:43 LCM is a 4:34 SCM so your swimmer holds 33.4 over 50m and 50.7 over 75 (turns calculated w/ 1.2s and start with 1.7s).

I would recommend to adjust to 4:27SCM (4:36LCM) and let her hold 32.5 over 50s and 49.4 over 75 (send off 55s for 50 and 1:15 for 75)

I think you need to give her longer swims and less rest to be successful in LCM 400. Doing 50’s you can rely on wall speed to much and with the interval being 1:00 I think she is not learning how to maintain her speed.
I’m not saying 50’s aren’t good for the 400, but have the main staple be repeats of 75’s and even some 100’s

Both make sense, and that was my first reaction too. More 75’s and lest rest. However, I’m bothered by the fact she can only complete one set/week and then seems tired for a few days.

One question I would have is, what is she doing the rest of the time? What’s in the rest of those sessions where she does 30×50 and what does she do in other sessions? Personally I’ve found that including traditional training alongside USRPT can have a significant impact on a swimmer’s ability to hit their target times.

We do pure USRPT, so just some recovery swims in between sets. Usually 3 sets/2 hrs. In her case mainly 100, 200, 400 free and 100, 200 back sets. We never do the same set on successive days. We train 6 days/week (monday->saturday, sunday off).

Although, in the week before the meet we did more recovery meters, because the sets became so short. That might not have been a good idea.