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I would have to agree with dmuecke in that she trained for a 4:43 400m. I would also agree with gsbelbin that sets before or after the 30 x 50, have an “energy cost” or” accumulation of fatigue” over the course of the week/season regardless of what the “bulletins” say. This whole “20 second” rule” is just a “SWAG” I have not seen anywhere on this forum or others post any race performance data to prove that it is somehow the “gospel”

I think that Wordofmouth is correct in that longer swims maybe the answer. It’s called “speed endurance”. Using 50s to try and predict anything greater than 200 is risky at best. We use “n x 100s with :15/:20” rest for 400+ swimmers and use the average of 2, 3, & 4 100s of 400 to determine 100 paces for” n x 100 with :15/:20”. Our correlation of 100s practice speed to race performance is .987 – .95673 with an (n of 1800 splits). Data with regards to 50s and 75s to the 400+ I have none as I believe that it’s too short a distance for race performance reliability.

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