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I believe the USRPT thought comes from the fact swimmers should not fall into fatigue level 2 or overtrained states. Rushall has some abstracts about decreased knee stability after long periods of exercise. power and stability jumping on 1 leg decreased a lot after about 30 minutes of continuous exercise. As the muscles get tired/overtrained over the course of a session and season there is a higher possibility of injury.

I had a slight shoulder issue a couple weeks ago (I’m full USRPT) but it was muscle soreness (right-shoulder, front deltoid). It didn’t hinder my session, times, etc. I think it was because I am doing WAY more fly under this system then I ever did before. I took a couple days off and the soreness went away quickly. With USRPT I just don’t have any joint of my body feeling “destabilized” even at the end of a hard session. I remember plenty of sessions in college of feeling that “my shoulders will fall off” after a practice.