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Gary PGary P

Another update. I started taking a magnesium supplement. Maybe that did it, or maybe my conditioning finally caught up to my ambition, but cramping issues aren’t really a problem anymore. Time permitting, I’m now able able to do two USRPT sets in a single practice.

As for my progress with USRPT…..I was quite demoralized and embarrassed to find out I was training in a 25 yard pool, not a 25 meter pool. God, what a dope! I should have known that even USPRT can’t turn a fat, out-of-shape old guy into a Masters Nationals Qualifier in just a couple months. I’m just now, 2 1/2 months later, getting to USRPT set paces that suggest I’m on the verge of posting NQT’s in a meet.

Because of the schedule of events at summer Nationals, I decided to drop training for the 200 free and pick up the 400/500 free.

My personal experience has been that USPRT sets of 50’s aren’t a good predictor of performance at that longer distance; I could complete a set of 40 50’s at :34 on a :54 interval, but couldn’t come close to holding that pace for a full 500 yards. I switched to 75’s and have found a much closer correlation to actual race (time trial, actually) pace.

Have my first meet since early October in a couple weeks. Will be swimming the 200, 500, and 50 free.