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With regards to learning more about the Parametric System I think that time may have pasted. The one Russian coach and one Lithuanian professor really don’t speak about it much anymore. Both worked with or under Dr. S. Gordon (the originator of the Parametric System). I met the Russian coach in 1994 and of the 15 or so coaches that tried to practice the Parametric System I believe I’m the only one left using the system. (Not that they are bad coaches. But the record keeping is enormous and most coaches can’t or won’t do it for extended periods) this is sad; as they are extremely knowledgeable about training and adjustments that coaches can make during training. I know that the Lithuanian professor Dr. G. Sokolovas was with USA Swimming and producing valuable information for coaches, if USA Swimming management and coaches had, had the knowledge of how to use it he would still be there. I have Dr. Sokolovas book and I spent over a year translating it from Lithuanian to English. The information is amazing. I will always be grateful to them for sharing their knowledge.


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