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Kinda of an old “rule of thumb” was Free and Back 3 seconds or faster and Breast and Fly 4 seconds or faster. Just as general guidelines. If you take some time and do a little sinple arithmetic you’ll see that it still pretty much holds true.

Your girl that split 27.1 – 28.7, actually swam it exactly how she should have. Think of it as energy distrubtion and being as efficient as possible like “goldie locks” out not too fast and not too slow, but just right and had plenty of “gas” to come back with. Think about how we plan races. Coaches are always saying ” you have to be out in X:XX.XX”, never do we say I’d like you back in X:XX.XX. We plan the race from the front to the back and maybe a better way would be from the back to the front. Got that from Bill Boomer in 1992. It’s really difficult to teach/manage with any athlete in any sport i.e. running, swimming and rowing, etc.

The 100 fly. She will split it how she has trained for it and if she deviates from that then all bets are off. Again think about it she trains to go out in 29.?? but goes out in say 28.34, she puts herself and her brain in an area she has not been in and you just hope that the wheels don’t come off the wagon during the race.

It’s really hard for them to understand that leading at the first 50 has no bearing at the 100.

I hope this made sense


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