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I think we’ve been training to split it better than she did at HS state. She was doing traditional training with her HS team. We’ve pretty much only been doing race pace 25s for her. Hopefully that is a good enough way to train for a more evenly split race. She has done some 25s of :50 and 1:00 to get going a little faster.

We did your test sets today.

4×25 on 1:00 and she went 13.62, 13.77, 13.74, 13.89 = mean of 13.76 with standard deviation of 0.11

4×50 on 2:00 and she went 30.52, 31.49, 31.86, 31.49 = mean of 31.34 with standard deviation of 0.57

According to this she could go between 58.07 and 59.65

We just had our goal set for breaking 1:01. I have a hard time believing she’ll go that fast but it would be extremely exciting. I don’t think I time fast because our results match practice times pretty well for most swimmers.

Obviously this is the only time we’ve done the set. Is it worth doing again in two days? We have State in one and a half weeks.

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