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What where her times for the 25s and 50s before testing? Also of the total number offered of 25s and 50s do you have her % made? If she is above 40% she should have decent master of the speed.

Remember it’s a race range. The ultimate would be the 58.07 and more likely in the 59.65 range, even if she went 1:00 that would be a good swim. Her deviation on the 25s is good. On her 50s, we’d like to see .30 or less. Just to give you an idea.

You could test again. Just for the fact you haven’t done this before I’d say 4 days out and then shut it down with regards to testing. Just to give you an idea we tested 6 x 50 on 1:00, on Tuesday and that’s all we did fast. Today was a travel and light swim day and we’re at our sectional meet starting tomorrow. 6 of the 8 that I have here lowered their avg speed again over testing last week. 1 just missed and the other is struggling but when you have a maxHR of 202 and the average HR on the 50s is 167.1, you are operating at roughly 82% of max. good luck on trying to go faster. (we use a POLAR F4 HRM with chest strap) not the athlete counting beats.


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