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I’ll do the best I can to help.

I don’t think it is enough to just cut the time in half when going from 50s at 200 pace to 25s at 200 pace. The turns add time and that is taking another turn out of the equation. You’d need to at least cut it down to 13.3 and then with a 1+ second turn that would be around your 200 pace. I also think the numbers need to be crazy high if you are going to be using them for a 200.

My girls have such an easy time holding 200 pace on 25s that we primarily use them after a 200 set with 50s. Just as a way to get more yards at pace done.

I think 13.3 second 25s would be beneficial for training for a 1:51 but those aren’t the sets that are going to be predictive. I also think just cutting the 200 time into 4 is not enough because the turns take time. Oldschool says the 50s should be at the pace of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 50 of the 200. I’ve found that to be accurate in my limited 200 results.

I still think 27.75 will be okay because the first 50 will cut off some of the turn time. Just don’t expect to hold 27.75 the whole race. So if you can go out in 24.75 and then hold 28.75s you will be at your 1:51.0.

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