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Day 2 Notes:
Swimmers are still struggling to keep track of their intervals & when they “fail.” I will stress this every day before practice. I might also try to come up with a “homework” where they have to calculate intervals. Their mental math skills are very poor.

-On the 25s, swimmers were between 7 and 10 successful repetitions. This is not quite accurate since many swimmers were not paying attention as much as they should.
-On the 12.5s, swimmers were between 8 and 13 successful repetitions. This was harder for swimmers to keep track of themselves because they had to look at clock mid-pool. I also need to stress push offs and no breathing during the 12.5 fast swim.
-The boy who is new to swimming and a natural sprinter showed up. On his first 25 he went 12.27 from a push (my watch). Way too fast for the purpose of the set (I wanted him at 15/16), but a proof point that he can probably swim a 50 free in <25s. I hope he keeps up the speed this week and next for a best time at our next meet.

Day 3 Practice:

Warm Up:
2×150 (50 swim, 50 drill, 50 kick) #1 moderate #2 build each 50

Skill Set – Butterfly:
2x streamline push w/max fly kick
2×25 body dolphin hands down
2×25 body dolphin hands up
2×25 body dolphin pull (no stroke) to breathe
2×25 body dolphin full stroke to breathe
2×25 fly breathe every other stroke

USRPT Set 1 – 500 Free:
20×50 w/flip finish @ 1:05

Recovery Set 1:
4×25 push off to float + EZ kick rest :05
1×50 EZ Swim rest :15
4×25 body dolphin rest :15

USRPT Set 2 – Fly:
20x 12.5 @ :35
-The 12.5 will be conducted as streamline fly kick max distance + 3 strokes no breathing and then EZ free.
-Most of my swimmers are unable to do a complete 100 fly. I will focus this on under water streamline kick + 3 perfect strokes.

Recovery Set 2:
4×25 push to float + EZ kick rest :05
1×50 EZ swim
4×25 freestyle drills rest :10

USRPT Set 3 – 50 Freestyle:
20×12.5 @ :30
-3 hard fly kicks under water + no breath free to half pool
-active rest EZ swim rest of way

Recovery set 3:
4×25 push to float + EZ kick rest :05
4×50 stroke drills rest :15

90-95 Minutes
3350 yards
1500 USRPT yards offered